Bra-Vor Tool & Die Co., Inc.

Facilities / Equipment List

Bra-Vor's stamping room facility has the capability to do both short and long quantity production runs with Bruderer presses ranging. The presses can run up to 1500 spm and can accept up to a 29.5 inch die shoe that will produce the folloling; strip, loose piece, lead frame and bandolier stamped products.

Wire EDM

Manufacturing Equipment

1Agie Model 120 Wire EDM
1Agie Model 150 SSF Wire EDM
1Agie Challenge 2F Ecut Wire EDM
1Agie Elox Mondo 20 CNC Ram EDM with 4 Station Shuttle Tool Changer
2E.D.M. Machine – 30 AMP
1Moore #3 Jig Grinder
22Harig 6/12 Surface Grinders with Digital Read
Outs and 6” O.D. Grinding accessories
1Kitamura - My Center 4XD Vertical Machining Center with 50" × 25.2" Table
5Bridgeport Vertical Mills with Digital Read Outs
4Matsuura 14 X 20 CNC Mills with 21 Station Tool Changers
112 × 24 Okamoto Hydraulic Wet Grinder
18 × 18 Okamoto Hydraulic Wet Grinder
1Hydraulic Press
OGP Smartscope

Inspection Equipment

2OGP Smartscope
2MTI Toolmakers Microscope
2Height Master Inspection Gages
2B.S. Electronic Gages & Amplifier
3Microscope – Variable Power
13Comparators - With Digital Read Outs
181 Pc Gage Block Sets (Steel)
1081 Pc. Gage Block Sets (Solid Carbide)
481 Pc. Gage Block Sets (Ceramic)
22Granite Surface Plates

Press Room Equipment

6Bruderer BSTA 30-II High Speed Press 0 - 1500 SPM
2Prestronic Power Wire Straightners
41000# Un-reelers
4Progressive Matrix Dies
Various Coil Tech and Rapid Air Reeling Equipment
Bra-Vor Facility

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